Meet Natalie Noone

Defying the confining easy paths to success as an artist is what makes Natalie Noone a singer with a bright future, but it is raw talent that gives her the aura of an emerging star.

Raised in California and now resident of Nashville, Natalie enjoyed in her chronological and artistic youths the example of her father, Peter Noone, front man of British Invasion hit-makers Herman’s Hermits, who still continues to sell out venues large and small. Observing her self-effacing amiability and ease before an audience, it is apparent that Natalie has both inherited and absorbed elements of her father’s artistic personality.


She is unmistakably her own woman as a singer and musician, and her eclectic style is refreshingly free of obvious emulation. Though reminiscent of the young Dolly Parton, Joni Mitchell, and even the legendary chanteuses of her mother’s native France, Natalie’s personal idiom is a fusion of American roots music and sophisticated threads of European music. Surprising the audience with songs in French and Spanish, hers is not as much a traditional ‘Nashville’ or ‘Blues’ sound as an appealing synthesis of aspects of a wide array of styles and genres that she skillfully allies to the nuances of lyrics. A guitarist whose playing far exceeds the level of many strum-as-they-sing musicians’ accomplishments, she is unafraid of sparse textures that highlight her abilities as a vocal storyteller.

Natalie’s newest songs, recorded live at Historic RCA Studio A in Nashville, reflect dark-hued emotions, but with a vocal delivery of insurmountable sunniness that mitigates melancholy. In all her music, Natalie radiates the unrelenting joy of singing that should be the life source for every musical star.

Defying the machinations of popularity in the 21st century makes the already-difficult life of an artist even more crushing, but that defiance is what defines a star with the potential to be remembered.

Whichever musical genres young artists inhabit, far too many of them are devoured by the insatiable jaws of the behemoth that is the music industry in the new millennium. Success is measured in impersonal interactions, and deep pockets are often more critical to a fledgling career than deep wells of talent.

Natalie is the rare kind of musician who seeks affirmation in smiles and handshakes from those who hear her. Hers are the songs of a lover of singing, and hers is a path to stardom not of arena concerts and endorsement contracts but of the truest spirit of music. In short, she dares to be an artist among artifices.


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